With gratitude 

Joanna is grateful to all the event organizers, funders and publishers who have worked so hard to move events online during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Upcoming events

Culture Days

Endlings and airings: in-person readings by Ellen Bielawski and Joanna Lilley
26 September 2020
Time and venue to be confirmed
Whitehorse, Yukon

Wild Words North Festival

25 to 27 September 2020
Online events
Featuring Lorna Crozier, Ryan Dickie, Sonnet L'Abbe and Joanna Lilley with guest appearances from Erin Moure and Lorri Neilsen Glenn
View festival line up and schedule

Victoria Festival of Authors

30 September 2020

Readings and panel discussion with Jenna Butler, Jessica Johns, Joanna Lilley, Shaena Lambert
Moderated by Verena Kaminiartz
7.30pm PDT, 3 October 2020

Lunch Poems at SFU

21 October 2020
12pm PDT
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, BC

Videos of earlier 2020 online events 

Curated by Hannah Hodgson
8 to 22 July 2020

Watershed lit, fig
Association for Literature, Environment and Culture in Canada's 2020 conference 
8 to 22 July 2020

Francine Cunningham, Kevin Spenst and Joanna Lilley
15 July 2020

Featuring Fraser Sutherland and Joanna Lilley
9 June 2020

One Minute Poem Series
Poets Corner
4 June 2020

Surrey Muse
Featuring Cynthia Sharp, Dabke Dancers, Nefertiti SheLa Morrison, Sana Janjua and Joanna Lilley
22 May 2020

Poetry London Spring Mini Reading Series
Featuring Robin Richardson, Gillian Sze and Joanna Lilley
20 May 2020

Periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics
Joanna reads three poems from Endlings
28 April 2020

Pandemic Response Reading Series
Joanna in conversation with Cary Hamel of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Victoria Markstrom of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, hosted by poet Paul Pearson
22 April 2020

Schmoozing with Poets
Joanna in conversation with host Lee Ellen Pottie
19 April 2020

49th Shelf Launchpad
Interview and reading
April 2020

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Joanna has given readings across Canada as well as in the US and UK and has delivered workshops as far afield as Iceland and Alaska.

Festivals Joanna has performed at include: BIG LIT (Scotland), Cascadia Poetry Festival (Seattle), Edmonton Poetry Festival, gritLIT (Hamilton), Isolation Fest (UK), NorthWords NWT (Yellowknife), Pivot Festival (Whitehorse), The Word on the Street in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan), Atlin Lit Up (British Columbia) and the Whitehorse Poetry Festival. 

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Get in touch if you'd like Joanna to join your book club online. 

It wouldn't happen without them

Joanna is very grateful to all the volunteers and venues who have hosted and helped her. She also very much appreciates the financial support of the Government of Yukon Touring Artist Fund, the Canada Council for the Arts, the League of Canadian Poets and The Writers' Union of Canada for many of these events.