Joanna's books can be ordered in all the usual places online or from your local bookshop. 

Joanna Lilley's fifth book and third poetry collection, Endlings, was published in March 2020 by Turnstone Press. All about extinct animals, Endlings takes us across continents and through the long expanse of aeons to give voice to the dead. In poems that are lyrical, exact, and deeply melancholic, Joanna Lilley demands audience for the final moments of animal extinction. From the zebra-horse quagga and chiding dodo, to the giant woolly mammoth and delicate Xerces Blue Butterfly, the haunting, urgent words of these “endlings” cut to the bone to expose the brutality of Nature and the devastating repercussions of human ignorance and intent, while giving hope that our humanity will help save what remains.

Joanna's debut novel, Worry Stones, was published by Ronsdale Press in 2018 and was longlisted for the Caledonia Novel Award in 2016. High in the Canadian Arctic British art history Jenny pursues her passions: Inuit art and an attractive geologist. But the sudden news that her mother has suffered a stroke reels Jenny back into her old life – the responsible youngest daughter of parents who gave up everything to join a religious cult. In Inverness, Jenny tries to put the jumble pieces together, while turning to her collection of 'worry stones' for comfort. Did her mother escape from the cult? Is her father, a prominent cult leader, threatening to take her back? Can Jenny persuade her two sisters to set aside old grievances to save their mother? Amidst the turmoil, Jenny tries to break free of the childhood pressures that stifled her creative talents and emerge as an artist in her own right.

If There Were Roads, published by Turnstone Press in 2017, is Joanna's second poetry collection. Guided by the geography of land and mind, the familiar and the unknown converge in If There Were Roads by Joanna Lilley. Pulled like the tide between the sea and the shore, If There Were Roads drives toward new vistas while reflecting on what has been lost in the process of moving forward. Lilley's poems explore the paths we take from here to there when there are no roads to guide us.

The Birthday Books, a collection of short stories with a strong northern theme, was published by Hagios Press in their Strike Fire New Authors Series in 2015. (Hagios Press is now owned by Radiant Press.) The publisher describes the book as: 'The first short story collection by an award-winning writer whose stories reach toward hope when they aren't heading for heartbreak.' Governor General's Award for Poetry winner Arleen Paré says: 'Joanna Lilley's stories shoot for the Pole; they are in love with the north. They do just what short stories must do: introduce people we want to know, places we can hardly imagine, all in language as precise, as rich as poetry, clear as deep northern lakes. Lilley writes with great heart. Each story has a spirit. Each story stretches its arms to the broad northern sky.'

Joanna's first poetry collection, The Fleece Era, was nominated for the Fred Cogswell Award for Excellence in Poetry and is described by the publisher as: 'a wry and eloquent testament to the intricacies of our various relationships. From the shattered pieces of our environmental puzzles to the labyrinth of family dynamics, Lilley makes these dilemmas come alive. Chillingly sparse, attractively odd and refreshingly frank, The Fleece Era embraces the complexities of human life with an unsettling mix of the sardonic and the compassionate.' On the Brick Books site you can sample some of the poems (just click on the 'recordings' tab) or take a look at some reviews (click on the 'reviews' tab). You can buy either a print or an e-version. The Fleece Era was published by Brick Books in 2014.

They Bring it on Themselves is a chapbook of animal poems that Joanna published herself as a fundraiser for animal welfare organisations. She gives any money she makes from sales to groups that are trying to make life better for animals. You can buy it on Amazon in Canada, the US and the UK in both print and Kindle format. Joanna published it under her own Snapdragon Press imprint in 2013.