"Endlings moved and changed me"

Joanna Lilley’s fifth book and third poetry collection, Endlings , is an attempt to honour and elegise just some of the species who no longer exist – some directly due to the actions of humans as well as others who existed long before we came along. "We are so disconnected from nature we think it’s the economy that makes our lifestyles and lives possible. In fact it’s the complex web of nature within which we are inextricably linked and on which we are utterly dependent. When a species disappears, that complex web of life loses resilience and productivity. This book is a call to what we have lost within human memory. It’s a frightening reminder that Nature is our Mother and source of life.”  – David Suzuki " Endlings moved and changed me. Joanna Lilley’s clear vision and assured craft affirm that it’s too late for the passenger pigeon, nearly for the northern white rhinoceros, but not for the living and not for art. ‘Perhaps we can augment / our aptitude for wonder,’