Ronsdale Press to publish debut novel

Joanna Lilley's fourth book and first novel, Worry Stones, is being published by Ronsdale Press in October 2018.

Joanna's debut novel is a compelling portrait of the devastation that befalls a family when relationships are broken, ambition is stifled and loyalties are divided. The publisher describes the novel as the 'captivating, beautifully-observed story of a daughter's efforts to reunite her family, a dream she believed she'd given up long ago.'

Worry Stones carries readers across continents, from the Canadian tundra to the south of England and north again to Scotland. When British art historian Jenny finds out her mother is seriously ill in hospital, she knows that any normal daughter would rush to her mother's bedside. But she hasn't had anything to do with her mother for eight years. Is it time to attempt a reunion she never thought would happen?

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